The canker sore revolution

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Canker Samurai is the most advanced anti-viral canker sore neutralizer on the market today. Why try to relieve pain when you can prevent it to begin with?


A personal message from the company president:

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from canker sores, I have some very, very good news. There is a new product on the market that is the single most effective preventative treatment ever offered.

I used to suffer from canker sores myself. Whenever I got stressed, I’d get one and it would take about ten days for the thing to resolve. It was always the same pattern: get a sore, have it get more and more painful for two or three days, then kind of subside (leading me to hope that it was gone, but it never was) and then come back with a vengeance for another three or four days before it finally went away.

If you suffer from canker sores, I don’t have to tell you how painful those days are when one’s really flaring up. It hurts to eat anything, and if you have one on your tongue even just talking is an effort. And the sores don’t only come from stress or certain foods. If you bite your lip you can count on a sore forming in the next day or two. I used to DREAD that! And one time, when I came off a month or so of powerful antibiotics, I had two or three sores in my mouth at the same time for several weeks. The antibiotics had knocked my natural immune system down enough that the sores had a field day.

Over the years, I tried everything to get rid of canker sores, or even just make them more manageable. Zinc was the first thing I tried, back in the 1980s…and it didn’t work very well. Lysine, an amino acid, isn’t too bad. But you have to take enough of it be effective, and in times of high stress I was using about six grams, spaced throughout the day, to get any real relief. That’s six horse pills, one every three hours or so. And even when you do that, the relief isn’t anywhere close to 100%. It just makes the sore not quite as debilitating.

I also tried vitamin B. To be honest, it works okay for minor sores, but when the stress piles on it gets overwhelmed. So it’s not an ideal solution.

But now there IS an ideal solution. It’s a specially treated kind of garlic, one that has a scientific process applied to allow the allicin (garlic’s active ingredient) in the plant to be delivered to your system at virtually full strength. This process is so revolutionary, so powerful, that it’s been patented. So you know something real is going on.

The fact is, this garlic supplement does everything you would want in an anti-canker sore pill and more. First of all, I almost never get any sores anymore. I used to get them, on average, about once every two or three months. Now, it’s maybe once every two or three years if I have some kind of exceptionally high-stress situation. And when I do get the rare sore, I can barely even tell it’s there. I know because I can either see it, if it’s on my lip or some other obvious place, or else taste that slightly metallic tang that the sores produce. (If you suffer from canker sores, you know what I’m talking about.) But there is NO pain.

I’ll say it again: I have literally ZERO canker sore pain. ZERO. And that’s pretty amazing.

Garlic has been known for centuries and across cultures as having spectacular health properties. With the help of modern science, we now know that allicin (again, the active ingredient in garlic) produces a very strong anti-viral effect. But the problem with garlic has always been getting enough of it into your system to do any good.

With natural garlic, most of the allicin gets destroyed as garlic passes through the liver. But now, using a proprietary chelation method that gives allicin a kind of protective “body armor”, this problem has been solved. And Canker Samurai uses this enhanced, patented garlic formulation. (And it’s the only supplement on the market that has it.) So when it goes through the liver, the protective coating gets stripped away, leaving the allicin molecule almost completely intact. Then it can enter your system at close to 100% full strength and work its anti-viral magic.

No one is really sure what causes canker sores, but it’s most likely a type of virus, which is why Canker Samurai works so well against them. And believe me, it’s powerful. Canker Samurai won’t protect you against something major like influenza, but all those little coughs and colds that you used to experience each year will become things of the past. And the weak variety of virus that produces canker sores doesn’t stand a chance.

When I discovered that “armored” allicin worked so well against canker sores, I knew I had to bring this product to the general health market. So I started Frontline Nutraceuticals specifically to do just that. We only sell Canker Samurai, and we’ve made it the best product we possibly could. The chelated allicin is the strongest available garlic supplement available anywhere. And the pills are cheap and easy to swallow. They have no taste, and even though they’re garlic-based, there won’t be any “after-smell” on your breath. They really are just about perfect.

But listen, there’s only one way for you to really believe me about these game-changing pills. And that’s to try them yourself. Here’s how confident I am that you’re going to find these pills to be the most effective, inexpensive and overall revolutionary treatment for canker sores you’ve ever tried. Canker Samurai normally sells for about $25 for a month’s supply. But as a special introductory offer, I have lowered the price this month to $14.97. If you order two bottles, I’ll pay for the shipping myself (within the USA – just click on the free shipping button when you view your shopping cart). And if you order three bottles, you’ll get free USA shipping and an extra bottle as a free gift (the extra bottle is for anywhere in the world, not just America).

That’s a four-month supply for less than $45 dollars total, so you can try these pills out for yourself. I can do this, offer Canker Samurai almost at cost, because I’m playing a long-term game here. I am very confident that once you try these pills and experience the very real health benefits for yourself, you’re going to want to order more. So I’m putting my money where YOUR mouth is, and I can afford to do it because up to now, everyone who’s tried this product wants more. These are people for whom – like me – canker sores were a curse that really impacted their enjoyment of food and life in general. And now the curse has been broken. We’re free.

Come join us.

Chris Chardon
Frontline Nutraceuticals, LLC

Supplement facts:

Patented chelation process that delivers allicin directly to the system at close to 100% strength.
Germicidal – prevents infection by interfering with the action of micro-organisms.
Helps control iron, copper and calcium, which are the three main minerals that accumulate with advancing age.
None of the characteristic odor associated with garlic, either on breath or emanating from the body. Completely eliminates pungency.
Has both anti-viral and antibacterial effects.
100% natural ingredients. Non-GMO and gluten free.
Manufactured entirely in the USA to the highest quality control standards.

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